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Do you own or operate an excursion, trip or activity and need more customers...? We can help

We Are NOT a Ticket Office !

Firstly, we're NOT a ticket office, ticket agent or operate in the way that normal ticket offices or agents do and here's why...

What's more... Our system works ANYWHERE. If you operate an excursions business anywhere in the world our platform can help.

We Close 99% of All Enquiries !

These days people want information and they want it fast! Our system helps them get the information they want quickly and easily. We help users choose what they want to do and guide them towards making a buying decision WHILE they browse the website.

You decide your selling price, receive the bookings via email and we simply manage the bookings and charge a small booking fee, nothing more.

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How Does Our Booking System Work?

Our system receives thousands of users every day all with one thing in common... They are looking for activities in Tenerife.

We actively promote through Google, social media and other channels. We spend thousands of Euros each month on marketing so you do not have to.

If a customer is looking for your specific activity and books through our system then you receive the booking directly, the booking has all the client contact details, location and details of their booking with you.

You simply contact the client, confirm the booking and let us know so we can issue the ticket to the client.

The customer views your excursion via our marketing
They make the booking
You receive the booking via email
Once you have confirmed the booking with the client you simply let us know
We then issue the confirmed ticket to the client
We pass the payment directly to you

We handle all communication, check availability and liaise with the client to help them book.

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Why Use Our Booking System?

Put simply: To get more bookings and save money.

A fully fledged excursions and booking system can cost thousands of Euros. We know, we design them. You could use larger online agencies or Virtual Tour Operators (VTOs) but we have 3 things they do not:

We ONLY operate in Tenerife and actively promote YOUR excursion
We are based in Tenerife
Our costs are significantly lower

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What Does It Cost?

To have your excursion listed with us costs nothing. We simply need to make a small change to the booking system to ensure that you receive any direct bookings directly into your email account.

We handle all the online publicity and marketing making sure your excursion gets in front of thousands of tourists and people looking to do activities in Tenerife.

We charge a modest 25% of the price charged to the customer.

For example: Your excursion costs 50€ per person and 2 people book. We charge the customer 100€ and hold 25€ as the booking fee. The remaining balance we pass to you directly into your bank account.

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Current Weather

The weather outlines below is for South Tenerife where the vast majority of excursions take place.

South Tenerife Weather Forecast