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What you see here is a small selection of the vehicles we have available to rent in Tenerife. We have many types of vehicles so if you do not see what you're looking for please send us a WhatsApp or get in touch and we will try to help.

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Scooter 125

125 scooter (class B Car license only needed).


Scooter 125 (Maxi)

125 scooter (class B Car license only needed).


Group D (125cc)

125 bike (class B Car license only needed).


3 Wheeled 300 CC

125 scooter (class B Car license only needed).


Car Hire (Group A)

Explore tenerife in comfort and style.


Car Hire (Group B)

Explore tenerife in comfort and style.


Car Hire (Group C)

Larger cars perfect for exploring.


Ford Mustang Sport 2017

Rent a Ford Mustang Sport Convertible in Tenerife and enjoy the scenery.

300.00€  250.00€

Ford Mustang Classic 2014

Rent a Ford Mustang Sport Convertible in Tenerife and enjoy the scenery.

250.00€  200.00€

Downhill Bike Tour

Ride downhill from the highest mountain in Spain.

60.00€  54.99€

Bus Hire

Hire a bus to transport you and friends around.

Capacity: 30 passengers.

450.00€  399.00€

Airport Transfer (6 Seater Vehicle)

Airport Transfer Service.

60.00€  49.99€

Deposit for Vehicle Hire

Deposit to secure vehicle hire.

130.00€  30.00€

Transport from Outside Pickup Zones

Payment for transport from outside pickup zones.


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