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Bookings Demo

Bookings Demo Page by Best Excursions

This booking system can be embedded within any website and used to make or check reservations availability.

This code is stand alone and can operate as part of an existing website and simply dropped into place or can be intergrated into an entirely new system to manage your bookings.

There are no prices displayed as this is simply makes bookings and shows availability. We also have reservations systems that provide dynamic pricing, take payments and automatically issue tickets to customers.

Typical Uses:

Operators can enter bookings here and then agents can immediately see availability on any given date without having to make a call.

Agents can be given access to create their own bookings if needed.

Save Time:

By giving agents access to the system they can immediately check availability for a given date and do not need to tie up a booking line simply to enquire about availability.

Check Availability:

Ticket agents, hotels, tourism offices can immediately see availability and get the customer to book knowing you have space.

Instant Communication

Our system can also provide instant communication via WhatsApp to enquire about availability.

Instant Bookings

We can even link customers to a booking page to book online as soon as they see availability.

How To use This Form:

You simply insert the date, time, number of customers and a ticket number (if there is one) in the comment field.

The database will then be updated for you and agents can immediately see availability.

Make a Booking:

Operator: Sample Excursion
Excursion Date & Time:
Ticket # or Comment:

Checking Availability:

The details below will help you choose a date & time to book customers onto Sample Excursion.

Current bookings for Sample Excursion:

Date: 10:00 13:00 16:00
28-05-2023 Sun 0 0 0
29-05-2023 Mon 0 0 0
30-05-2023 Tue 0 0 0
31-05-2023 Wed 0 0 0
01-06-2023 Thu 0 0 0
02-06-2023 Fri 0 0 0
03-06-2023 Sat 0 0 0
04-06-2023 Sun 0 0 0

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